iPod, USB, and Aux-In Integration

Factory Aux Input Options

CDs are going the way of cassettes and eight tracks before them. They are being replaced by digital media stored on an iPod/iPhone, USB stick, or other digital media player.

Many vehicles on the road today have no way of allowing you to connect your music on these devices for listening. Cassette adapters don’t always sound great and can be an eye sore while also running down your battery requiring you to connect another cable for charging.

CarToyz offers options for most vehicles that allow you to keep your factory radio and steering wheel controls without sacrificing sound quality and offer the ability to charge on a single cable. Many of these solutions also allow you to display song information and control your device through the factory stereo and steering wheel controls. You can search albums, artists, play lists, and more using your radio’s display.

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Some of these solutions also offer the ability to add satellite radio and bluetooth hands-free and audio streaming as an add-on option. Come in to your nearest CarToyz to see what options we have available for your vehicle!