Code Alarm PROCOMP Security System

Code Alarm PROCOMP Security System

$599.99 $299.99

Alarm, keyless entry and remote start system with two-way 900Mhz OLED remote; up to 1mi range!

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Product Description

Code Alarm has introduced the latest advancements in automotive remote start and security systems with its new PROCOMP, a command-confirming, vehicle security and remote start system. Standard with the system is a one-mile operating range, as well as an OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) display transmitter, digital tilt sensor for the ultimate in wheel and tire protection, and a battery back-up siren. In addition, the system includes real panic sound and progressive car find that allows the driver to easily find his vehicle in a parking lot.

  • (1) Two-way 900MHz spread spectrum OLED color display 5-button remote control
  • (1) One-way 900MHz spread spectrum 6-button remote control
  • Unit will accept up to 4 remote controls
  • Silent choice
  • ATV (Automatic Transmitter Verification)
  • Glass mount antenna with built-in blue LED light and valet switch
  • Emergency override with optional PIN code feature
  • MBS – battery back-up siren
  • Three stage infrasonic shock sensor (silent, light touch, full trigger)
  • DUB1 – digital tilt sensor
  • RPS (Real Panic Sound) horn output
  • Starter interrupt
  • Flashing parking lights
  • Illuminated entry
  • Door lock / unlock
  • Trunk release
  • (4) Auxiliary outputs
  • User programmable run time
  • Progressive car find
  • Manual transition mode
  • Diesel compatible
  • Quick stop mode
  • 24 hour time start mode
  • Cold temperature start mode
  • Telematics port – CarLink ready